I’m happy.” Park Tae-yong, “Made in Jeonnam,” who sprayed red pepper powder in Busan and pollen in Jeonnam

The day focused on whether Busan won the championship. The previous day, second-ranked Gimcheon Sangmu (68 points) drew 1-1 with Gyeongnam FC, and if Busan won, it could confirm the championship unconditionally. Busan, which was demoted to the second division after experiencing humiliation at the bottom of 2020, was about to be promoted to the first division for the first time in four seasons. Busan coach Park Jin-seop, who met before the game, said, “We prepared thinking it was just one game. Of course, I want to finish it today, but I’m going to leave the result to heaven because it’s not going our way,” he said.

South Jeolla Province was also busy with its way. South Jeolla Province also had to win unconditionally to revive the spark of advancing to the playoffs. “Busan is always a team that I am attached to,” said Jeonnam coach Lee Jang-soo, who played as a legend of Busan in the past. However, he must win today to be in the top five. As strong as we were at home, I want to present the victory to the fans.”

The game began, and an unexpected player emerged as a hero. It was Park Tae-yong who sprayed red pepper powder in Busan and pollen in Jeonnam. Park Tae-yong shook Busan’s net in the 11th minute of the first half, connecting Lim Chan-ul’s cross with a sensational header. It was Park’s debut goal in the K-League. Park Tae-yong, who gained momentum, also received Lim Chan-ul’s pass this time and made an additional goal with a powerful right-footed shot. Busan collapsed as it was due to Park Tae-yong’s two unexpected shots. Park Tae-yong scored Busan’s goal once more in the second half, but unfortunately lost the chance for a hat trick on the offside.

Park Tae-yong, from Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, is a player born and raised by Jeonnam who graduated from Gwangyang Steel Middle School and Gwangyang Steel High School. Park Tae-yong, who first wore Jeonnam’s uniform as a designation ahead of this season, was recognized for his solid basic skills and excellent skills, increasing his playing time. Park Tae-yong, who scored his professional debut goal in the FA Cup but had only one assist in the league, shot multiple goals in the most important game and became a hero for Jeonnam. Jeonnam won the game completely with Ji Sang-wook adding a goal in extra time.

Park Tae-yong said in an interview with Soo-hoon after the game, “I missed a good chance in the previous games. Every game was very disappointing. I’m happy to score multiple goals luckily in the last home game,” he said with a smile. “My parents came and did a heart ceremony,” he said. I don’t know if it’s caught well,” he saidI think I need to buy a meal for Chanul. Every time I trained for tactical training since a week ago, the scene that I matched came out well. He said, “When Chan-ul aggressively hit, the moving part fit well, he said.

Park Tae-yong said, “In the beginning, there were many shortcomings in the defensive part. In the second half, he tried to wake up and understand the play the coach wanted. “I played that I asked for on the field,” he said. “I couldn’t make use of the goal chance, so the coach always said, “Isn’t it time to put it in?” I said, ‘Do as much as you want,’ but I was lucky. “I was always sorry that I couldn’t take advantage of my chances in my debut, but I’m so happy that I scored multiple goals at the end,” he said with a smile.


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