The split court has now been asked to review the proceedings, which basically means that decisions on this matter will be delayed because LPAT cannot schedule other hearings during the court’s review.

As the casino report has already revealed, decisions on Greater Sudbury’s new casino and arena projects were supposed to be reached before the June 2018 deadline under new Ontario laws, but LPAT postponed its final decision.

Yesterday, the first meeting between the parties before the third-party panel was held, attended by both the main pros and cons of the project. All five groups that have been protesting against Sudbury casinos and stadiums participated in the hearing.

Sudbury Casino And Arena Decisions Expected In 2019
The court spent the entire first day in a long dispute over procedural questions related to the matter. One of the main questions that can now be answered is whether the court has the right to adjudicate if the city council has complied with the rules, given that the council has given the green light to Kingsway entertainment.

Despite LPAT’s acquisition of the Ontario City Council, which no longer exists, the proceedings in the tribunal are a little different because the organization is supposed to make adjustments. No matter how unlikely a compromise may seem, if the parties proceed with the mediation, the final decision of the LPAT may be later than if it follows standard procedures.

As has already been reported, LPAT is a review of the consistency of the council’s decisions, but it is not a final decision on Sudbury Casino and Arena projects. Therefore, if the court rejects the appeal filed by the five anti-casino groups, the city council’s decision will be legal and construction work will be able to proceed as planned. On the other hand, if the tribunal says yes to the appeal, the matter will once again be brought to the city council.

The preliminary hearing has already been held, but the debate over the new provincial plan could further delay the final decision.


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