Win Macao dealer arrested for theft of $6 million in chips

Local police have reportedly arrested a dealer and an accomplice at a Win Macau complex casino resort on charges that the two men illegally ran away with about $6 million worth of gambling chips.

CNN Money, the theft of two unidentified people took place at a large property run by Wyn Macau Limited of Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts Limited. Authorities have reportedly yet to find the missing chip, despite announcing there are no additional suspects in the case.

Police are not known to be sure how the robbery took place, but CNN Money reported that the two may have run away with money chips in their bags, citing speculations from multiple local media outlets. It is believed that the criminals later relied on their colleagues to return to the casino to exchange chips for cash.

An analyst with brokerage firm Sanford C Bernstein Limited reportedly said the incident would eventually lead authorities to ask Win Macau Limited to increase security at two local casinos.

“The way money changes hands, the way chips change hands, the junkets have a lot of leeway in the room,” Umanski reportedly told CNN Money. “That’s going to have to be evaluated.”

CNN Money reported that this is not the first time criminals have targeted Win Macau Limited, as an unnamed junket operator claimed to have been swindled about $34 million while doing business inside 1,000 rooms in Win Macau.


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