Chinese Taipei wins 3×3 AG gold over Qatar in heartbreaker for South Korea

Chinese Taipei defeats Qatar to win the men’s 3×3 Asian Games gold medal.

Chinese Taipei won gold with an 18-16 victory over Qatar in the men’s 3×3 basketball final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games 텍사스홀덤 at the Duching Geographic Information Park in Hangzhou, China on Monday (July 1).

Chinese Taipei was led by Lin Hsin-kwan’s seven points. Chiang Chun (6 points) and Yu Hsiang-Ping (3 points) also contributed to the win.

It was an upset. At the start of the match, it looked like it was going to be a dominant win for Qatar, who had a fantastic combination of inside and outside game. Qatar dominated the early going, racing to an 8-2 lead.

However, Chinese Taipei, who had defeated Korea in the quarterfinals in overtime, was definitely the team to beat. Chinese Taipei came into their own after the midway point. The Chinese Taipei team took advantage of Qatar’s defensive lapses. Chiang Chun’s two-pointer started the comeback, and breakaway baskets from Yu Hsiang-Ping and Lin Hsin-Kuan brought the score to within one.

Team fouls were a factor in this game. While Chinese Taipei did a good job of managing their fouls after surrendering early momentum, Qatar had a concerning team foul with just over three minutes left in the game.

It was the Chinese Taipei side that was more desperate for gold. With 30 seconds left in regulation, Chiang Chun once again scored a breakaway goal to tie the game, and the Chinese Taipei outplayed Qatar in the closing minutes. Of course, Qatar had their chances to come back, but a lack of stamina and focus proved to be their undoing.

Muhammad Ahmad missed a two-pointer and Taiwan took over the offense. Just before the end, ace Lin Hsin-kuan capitalized on an opponent foul to earn a golden free throw. At the free throw line, Lin Hsin-kuan was calm. He made both free throws, bringing the score to 18-16.

From there, Taiwan’s late-game grit shone through, and the team gave 120% of their game to take down Qatar. Qatar played a good game overall, but the momentum of Chinese Taipei in the closing stages was too much for them.

In the end, Chinese Taipei rallied from behind to defeat Qatar and become the 3×3 men’s basketball champions at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

Meanwhile, in the 3×3 Women’s Basketball, China and Mongolia met in the final, with the defending champions claiming their second consecutive title with a 21-12 victory over Mongolia.

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