Penn National Gaming Merges With Pinnacle Entertainment

An old rumor has been confirmed that Penn National Gaming, a U.S. casino operator, is aiming to integrate its business with Pinnacle Entertainment. The gambling industry noted that Pinnacle Entertainment is discussing a possible merger with Penn National amid numerous mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Penn National said in a statement released yesterday that the merger with Pinnacle Entertainment will be based on cash and stock trading.

Penn National Gaming Inc. announced that it hopes to continue its shopping boom with the acquisition of Pinnacle Entertainment. Penn National started as a local game operator in Pennsylvania and has grown over the years, now operating 29 game facilities in 17 U.S. states and Canada. Penn National’s purchase of many other companies to expand its market share and pioneer new markets remains an important factor.

Over the past few years, Penn National has been seeking a merger. In 2015, I bought my second Las Vegas casino, Tropicana. As you can remember, Penn National bought Bally’s Casino Tunica Resorts and two Mississippi casinos in March this year. Penn also acquired Rocket Games, a San Francisco-based social casino gaming company, for a total of $110 million.

Penn National Keeps Shopping Open
At the moment, it appears that Penn is still looking for a merger deal. Recent news shows Pinnacle Entertainment is in talks with Pinnacle Entertainment to acquire the latter in cash and stock trading. Pinnacle Entertainment currently operates 16 gambling houses, the most popular of which are Washington, Pennsylvania’s Meadows Casino and New Orleans’ Boomtown Casino Hotel.

Assuming the two companies reach an agreement and exchange signatures, Pinnacle will take control of Penn’s gambling house, which will allow Pinnacle to expand its scope and open new horizons for development, separately with Pinnacle’s potential acquisition rising by 40.3% in the stock market, and PEN’s shares by 25%.

With M&A activities in the global meandering industry expected to continue for years to come, it is clear that intercompany integration will help to gain a foothold in the market, and it is no secret that competition among industry-related companies is strong.


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