[BANG MIN JUN’s world of golf] Fishing, alcohol, and golf

There are levels or grades in any field. Long-term Go, Taekwondo, etc. are graded by strictly applying objective standards, and even in areas where objective standards are difficult to set, such as drinking, gambling, and fishing, they are rated based on standards that everyone can sympathize with.

Even through early graduation, having fun and equipped with a few fishing activities, being unable to get a job anywhere you open your eyes and close your eyes, making your wife a part of the work, neglecting your business and fighting for divorceIt is said that there are 14 stages, including a birch that raises the heart, a count that makes a hundred adults in the heart, a marquis that fills the heart, a duke that empties everything, a composition that completes emptiness, and Joseon, a state of freshness that transcends emptiness.

There is also a parody of the phrase “Gugol Five Five-Wake” by applying the five-Wake Five-Wake Five-Fishing to golf

Goljol (骨骨), a beginner who can barely break out of sloppiness in both manners and shots, Golsa (肆卒), who only breaks 100 strokes and sometimes hits 90s, Golma (麻孀), where grasslands and flags fly in front of him like measles, Golpo (藍怖), who forgets not only his job but also his home, and humble goalkeeper (窮且骨骨骨骨骨대70을에서) can analyze the score Counts, marquis, who do not hastily say they are golfers, show their years and weight in every action, have reached the beginning of their lives by realizing the truth of life through golf, and the goal line where there is no golf, no golf, no golf, and no golf. For most golfers, it is not easy to achieve all stages of goal.

If you compare the stage of golf to a drunkard, it seems that the 18th stage of Jo Ji-hoon, a poet famous for his line, can be used.

If you put it into golf, you won’t be able to get to know golf properly until about nine levels. I wonder what stage I’m at.

Columnist Bang Min-joon: He majored in Korean literature at Seoul National University, joined the Hankook Ilbo, and worked as a journalist for more than 30 years. In his late 30s, he wrote various golf books while exploring the endless world of golf such as golf, encounters, and jungle. For him, the years associated with golf are recognized as a path to composition and a voyage to find philosophy that penetrates life. 스포츠토토

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