Nogodanbae Gurye Cup international youth soccer tournament kicks off Tuesday

(Gurye=Yonhap) — The 2023 Nogodanbae Gurye Cup International Youth Football Tournament will be held at the Gurye Public Stadium in 스포츠토토 Gurye, South Jeolla Province, for nine days from Oct. 10 to 18.According to Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do, on Thursday, the tournament, organized by the Korea Life Sports and Football Association and hosted by the Gurye-gun Sports Council, will feature more than 1,300 players from 104 teams, including one team from East Timor, two teams from Thailand, seven teams from Japan and 94 domestic teams.Youth players will compete in an all-play-all tournament in age groups of five 9-year-old teams, 12 10-year-old teams, 19 11-year-old teams, 36 12-year-old teams, and 32 13-year-old teams.Based on these results, the leagues are divided into championships and friendships, which are played in a tournament format to determine the winners.Korean youth players who win the tournament will be eligible to participate in overseas training camps and 스포츠토토 international competitions.”We hope this will be a great opportunity for youth soccer dreamers to showcase their skills to the fullest,” said Kim Sun-ho.

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