Kim Ha-seong beat Ohtani… ‘Crazy hitting feeling, 2nd on base is the default’ Season 1 record is on the verge

Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) injured his right shoulder while rushing home on a sacrifice fly during the 3rd inning of the game against Texas on July 31 (Korean time). Catcher Sam Huff was blocking his home plate with his knees and feet, and Kim Ha-seong, caught in this, suffered a major blow to his right shoulder.

He got up on his own and headed for the dugout, but with a look of pain on his face, he was immediately replaced by the clubhouse. Since Kim Ha-seong is competing for first place in team contribution this year, not only the coaching staff but also the local media and fans were very concerned. But Kim Ha-sung, the icon of ‘fighting spirit’, continues to run even with his throbbing shoulders. It is an activity that does not show the aftermath of his injury at all. Kim unexpectedly started in an away game against Colorado on the 1st. Although he was the designated hitter, he maintained his on-base percentage for the season, adding one hit and one walk. Kim Ha-seong, who continued on the 2nd, recorded 2 hits, 1 RBI, and 1 stolen base in 5 at-bats, raising his batting average to 0.281. It was the first time since April 7, when Ha-seong Kim’s batting average entered the 0.280 range, at the very beginning of the season.

Kim Ha-seong, who failed to hit in the first two at-bats, made an infield hit that rolled exquisitely toward third base in the third at-bat of the fifth inning. It was a somewhat fortunate situation, but Kim Ha-sung’s sprint was outstanding. In the 5th at-bat in the 9th inning, leading 8-4, he completed a multi-hit game by hitting an RBI timely hit that exceeded the height of the second baseman with one out, 1st and 2nd base.

Ha-seong Kim later succeeded in stealing bases and showed off his feet. With his 22nd stolen base in the season, he stood shoulder to shoulder with Choo Shin-soo (then Cleveland) in 2010, the previous Korean record for the most stolen bases in a season.

On the other hand, the hit in the ninth had another important meaning. Ha-seong Kim made a multi-hit game that day with two or more runs. Kim Ha-seong, who has recently been on base in various ways, including hits and walks, has been on two or more bases in 10 consecutive games since the game against Detroit on July 23rd. Kim Ha-seong made a big success during this period with a batting average of 0.455, 3 home runs, 7 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.339. His on-base percentage stands at 0.581.

This record is the longest tied in Major League Baseball this season. Freddie Freeman (LA Dodgers) is the only player to record ‘two or more on-base in 10 consecutive games’ among all hitters in the major leagues this year. Freeman had two or more appearances in 10 consecutive games between May 19 and May 29. Freeman’s OPS during this period was 1.360, similar to Ha-sung Kim.

He also had three consecutive nine-game appearances. Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is one of them. Ohtani had two or more on-base games in nine consecutive games from July 8 to July 22, posting an OPS of 1.525 during that time. Jack Swinsky (Pittsburgh) and Isaac Paredes (Tampa Bay) also played 2 or more on-base games in 9 consecutive games, but Kim Ha-seong surpassed this group with a game on the 2nd.

If Kim Ha-seong plays more than two bases in the next game, he will surpass Freeman and write the highest record in the major leagues this year. The current record is quite different, with Kim Ha-seong’s 10 games followed by Bo Bi (Toronto)’s 6 games. Then there are 5 games between Jake Cronenworth (San Diego) and Kyle Schwaber (Philadelphia). For the time being, the only player to surpass Freeman’s record is Kim Ha-seong.

There are plenty of possibilities. It probably takes a bit of luck for a ball in play to become a hit. However, the walk is not the case, but the walk is the point where Kim Ha-seong has recently been showing strength. Kim Ha-seong picked 10 walks in the last 10 games, while striking out only 2. He is showing a good pioneering plan. He is in such condition that he can come close to a game with 2 or more on base even if he does not necessarily hit.카지노사이트

It is also Kim Ha-seong who became more persistent at the plate after establishing himself in the leadoff position. With Kim Ha-seong’s 3-day game attracting attention, it is also interesting to see if he can lead San Diego’s rise with his best record this season.

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