Doosan snaps 5-game losing streak after 11 straight wins

60 canned coffees were sent to the Doosan team, which has lost five straight games after winning 11 in a row. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop personally shot them to encourage the team.

Lee gave 60 canned coffees to the team before their game against Hanwha on the 1st. The players, coaching staff, and employees were given plenty to drink. A photo of Lee drawing a heart with both arms was engraved with the cheering words, “I believe in the Doosan Bears, a team that has been running tirelessly.

Before training, the players drank a cup of coffee made by Lee to cool off from the heat.

Speaking to the media before the game, Lee said, “It’s just a way to make us feel better. It means to drink a cup and cheer up. That’s all I can do for them,” he laughed.

Doosan won a franchise-record 11 straight games last month, but immediately lost five straight. They were tied for first place with Kia with an 11-5 monthly record, but the losses came after a long winning streak, and the finish was a bit disappointing.

“When you’re racing for a long time, it’s natural to lose five games in a row. We shouldn’t do anything when it doesn’t work, so I hope the players don’t have any pressure and can relax a little more. Of course they all want to win, but there is no pressure. They just have to do what we prepare them to do. As long as they have the mindset of connecting rather than solving, they’ll be fine.”

After suffering a 0-10 defeat against LG in Jamsil on March 30, Doosan pulled its starters late in the game. Calling captain Heo Kyung-min and Jung Soo-bin aside after the substitutions, Lee said, “July is over, and let’s try again from the day after tomorrow (August). You guys are the center, so lead well.” “There were a lot of plays where we missed the basics in defense. Good memories don’t last long, but bad memories do. At times like this, we need to keep the basics in mind.”

Meanwhile, Doosan fielded a starting lineup of Jung Soo-bin (center fielder), Heo Kyung-min (third baseman), Kim Jae-hwan (left fielder), Yang Yang-ji (catcher), Yang Seok-hwan (first baseman), Jose Rojas (designated hitter), Kang Seung-ho (second baseman), Yang Chan-yeol (right fielder), and Park Jun-young (shortstop). The starting pitcher was Kwak Bin. Rojas returned to the lineup after missing two games last weekend due to back pain. 토토사이트

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